Parsifal is the world's leading relocation auditing, consulting and technology firm touching moves in over 120 countries around the globe.  Our services are in constant worldwide operation with carriers, move managers, auditors and corporations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe who utilize Parsifal services to obtain best in class household goods pricing and service.    And, we offer to protect that pricing with an audit.

Long known as the premier household goods auditing firm in the United States, Parsifal Corporation now has a unique array of worldwide services available to our clients, be they corporate, carrier, third party and government.

In business since 1981, Parsifal has gained a respected and unique place in the relocation industry by upholding our commitment to fairness and excellence. The innovative electronic and web-based services we offer give today's relocation professionals the most flexible and far-reaching tools available in the industry.

Our website provides an overview of our services.   We invite you to contact Cliff Cannon at if you have any questions or for more information.

Hong Kong

The 633 foot German Container ship, Hansa Constitution ran aground in Hong Kong Sunday.    The containers appeared to have stayed on board but damage to the ship is unknown at this time. [more...]

Lufthansa Strike

Lufthansa has reportedly cancelled over 3000 flights for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday due to a planned pilot strike.    This will impact both passengers and cargo. [more...]

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