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Who We Are

Who We Are

Auditing, business process experts, consulting and procurement technology for the relocation industry
Parsifal Corporation is proud in achieving 40 years of service in 2021 as the world’s leading relocation auditing, consulting and procurement technology firm.  Parsifal’s outstanding management team has over 300 years of experience as HHG Relocation Subject Matter Experts (SME).  Parsifal SMEs focus on creating world class service along with state of the art technology solutions. (Press Release)

Touching moves in over 120 countries around the globe, our services and products are in constant worldwide operation with corporations, carriers and move managers in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. Parsifal Corporation assists our clients to obtain best in class household goods pricing and quality of service. And, we offer to protect that pricing and quality with expert global auditing.

What We Provide

What We Provide

Worldwide, state of the art technology solutions, industry expertise and world class service
Whether we are providing auditing, billing, service evaluations or consulting services, our technological prowess and know-how has made us the industry leader. We interface with many systems and platforms, providing state of the art solutions and world class service through our intelligent, cutting-edge and innovative PAS™ Technology. We provide accuracy, expertise and fairness - each move, every time.

Relocation Procurement Technology
Our software technologies collect, store, and compare carrier pricing information, transit times and service quality through easy to use, interactive web-based systems, available whenever you need it.

Parsifal solutions offer RFP, Bidding, Booking, Billing and Auditing features and support with procurement sophistication never before successfully utilized in the household goods industry. Just enter your shipment information and you are ready to go.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to our passion and craft. Parsifal is focused on ensuring outstanding accuracy, subject matter expertise (SME) and sound fairness through quality-driven and innovative technology, for all our clients, stakeholders and partners, in the global relocation marketplace.

Our Core Competencies
Relocation Auditing
  • Household Goods
  • Home Sale Transaction Audit (HST)
  • Service Quality Surveys
  • Policy Exception Management
  • Consulting, Billing, Benchmarking
Relocation Procurement Technology (RPT)
  • Software Solutions
  • Market Ready Technology
  • Customized Options
Our Differentiators
What Differentiates Parsifal from any other choice for your relocation auditing and technology?
  • Pioneers in relocation auditing
  • Proprietary solutions imbedded in auditing process and procurement technologies
  • Transparency to both client and carrier
  • Progressive software innovations for the modern relocation industry
  • Ongoing drive to keep positive relations between all parties
  • Objective position with an unbiased opinion
Our Key Elements of Success
A management team with a total of over 300 years of relocation experience
  • Cutting edge software in a rapidly evolving marketplace
  • A commitment to fairness for both client and carrier
  • Ensuring accuracy in data, service, and billing issues
  • Independent and therefore objective
Parsifal featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss innovating the relocation process.

our mission

At Parsifal Corporation we are dedicated to our passion and craft, focused on ensuring outstanding accuracy and sound fairness through quality-driven and innovative technology to all our clients, partners and stakeholders in the global relocation experience.

core values

It is our corporate belief and responsibility at Parsifal to treat our customers, partners and each other with honesty and respect, while we achieve a creative working environment providing exceptional quality with a great sense of integrity.

Our Integrity is displayed as we remain undivided in our strong adherence to our ethical values and expert precision, while bringing stability and prudence to our relocation business community.

our history

Parsifal Corporation has been providing premium domestic and international relocation services for over 40 years to our corporate clients.

In 1981 Parsifal pioneered the specialized audit of household goods. To date, our audits have touched millions of HHG moves and provided our clients with data ranging from basic move information to taxable and non-taxable charges.

Contact us today to find out more about our household goods, home sale transactions and high value product programs.

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