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For three decades, Parsifal has worked on behalf of corporations, government entities and relocation companies to ensure the movers’ household goods invoices were billed properly. Our developments evolved to integrate our support with service providers prior to billing. This approach has eliminated a myriad of problems, resulting in a unique and powerful pre-invoice audit program for movers.

The Process
  • Integration into the service provider billing process prior to invoice creation
  • Develops an accurate invoice in conjunction with the service provider
  • Invoice generated upon final cost agreement
The Benefits
  • The client receives an accurate audited invoice
  • The service provider reduces processing time caused by normal audits
  • All parties have greater confidence in the billing process

Superior international and domestic relocation services.

Moving forward with Strategy, Efficiency and Savings.

Parsifal offers the most sought after opinion in the moving industry.

Accuracy, protection and fairness. One move at a time.

Who We Are

Parsifal Corporation is proud to achieve a major milestone of 40 years of service in 2021 as the world’s leading relocation auditing, consulting and procurement technology firm.

What We Provide

What We Provide

Worldwide, state of the art technology solutions, relocation household goods industry expertise and world-class service. We provide accuracy, expertise and fairness, for each move, every time.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to our passion and craft. Parsifal is focused on ensuring outstanding accuracy, expertise  through quality-driven and innovative technology, for all our clients, stakeholders and partners, in the global relocation marketplace.

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