Parsifal Relocation

HHG Expertise

Parsifal is universally well-known in the relocation industry as the premier household goods audit and procurement-software firm.  

We provide software to procure global real time pricing and to report service quality and transit times with an ironclad audit process while reducing impact of common “pain points”.

Solutions for Your Pain Points

Expert Service Solutions

Parsifal’s - HHG Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support team provides Expert Review of Estimates and Quotes, as well as Assistance with Pricing and Booking, Move Management, Billing, Auditing, Data Collection, Verification & Transfer
(also see HHG Technology Solutions)

Relocation Consulting

As a relocation specialist, you understand the essential role information plays in forming and maintaining a superior and cost effective relocation program. Parsifal’s analysis will empower your company to make the kind of high caliber decisions needed to keep your relocation program at its best. We can provide consulting and RFP assistance for household goods, home sales, relocation management and more.

Parsifal offers the most sought after opinion in the relocation industry.
Using our experience, expertise and comprehensive database, we offer:
  • Analysis of mover contracts, home sale contracts, relocation RFPs
  • Analysis of specific traffic patterns and industry trends
  • Contract negotiations on your behalf
  • Benchmarking of carrier/forwarder service and cost
Whatever your billing needs, we can meet them. Parsifal has established several unique billing services that help streamline both new and existing client billing functions. Below is a sampling of some of the services we offer:
  • HHG Billing Systems
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and/or Electronic Invoicing
  • Our PAY system which allows you to pay all with one check
  • Commission Breakouts
  • Tax Breakouts
  • Data Storage
Policy Exception Management

In the world of relocation, it is important for the corporate client to establish a consistent and fair policy while still attending to the transferee’s needs. Parsifal’s Exception Management puts a loop in the exception request process which provides a validation to the request so you can approve without concern. Exceptions can be tracked by type, frequency and dollar amount for reporting purposes. Once the service is in place, clients typically see a significant reduction in exception requests.

Throughout the years of my employment…, I have seldom come across a company that provides so much service with so little cost.

– JB, Relocation Manager, Fortune 500 Company

…and thanks for making this part of my job painless.

– GF, Relocation Counselor, Relocation Company

Parsifal… consistently had the highest overall customer satisfaction rating of any company.

– RB, Contracting Officer, FSMP Project