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New Technology Platform for Household Goods Move Management

Are you finding it complicated to manage your moves from beginning to end, and feel confident you are receiving a fair price? We’ve made it easy with ReloProducts. Our latest platform benefits from 20 years of technology development and 40 years of household goods experience.

The ReloPricing™ and PRISMgmt™ systems will help you to navigate your relocation needs. These tools provide a fully integrated, wing-to-wing solution that reduce friction points by streamlining data exchange and consolidating supply chain interactions. As a result, the digital experience is dramatically improved for the relocating employee, as well as the corporate client, RMC and supplier.


ReloPricing automates the pricing/distribution/booking process whether moving around the globe or within the US.  Using a web-based design (with API integration points for the Move Manager and supply chain), move requests flow through the system with real-time matching of service orders to the best qualified suppliers.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Pricing made easy
  • Quoting simplified
  • Distribution/Booking automated
Your relocation
  • RFP tools
  • UI (User Interface)
PRISMgmt™ - PRISM Global Mobility Technology:

Once the move is booked, what happens next?  With PRISM, all important shipment information is provided to you in one interface, accessible via the web with the option for full API integration. Additionally, PRISM incorporates a second API integration layer with suppliers, ensuring updates are automatic and timely.   This design places all relevant financial and logistical information at your fingertips at each turn of the move process. PRISM keeps the move on track, and makes evaluating supplier performance straightforward.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • All shipments tracked from client initiation through delivery and invoicing
  • Multi-layer API integration, requiring only one API with Parsifal versus many HHG suppliers
  • Shipment tracking & move management capabilities (i.e., logistics, insurance, escalations and claims data)
Your relocation
  • Ongoing perm storage tracking, featuring an innovative approach to managing perm lots over the duration of the storage period
  • Management of financials, including estimates, actuals and policy exception approvals
  • UpStream auditing ensures all services are validated and checked as the move progresses


ReloPricing and PRISMgmt provide feature-rich solutions to long-standing friction points in the HHG industry. This technology improves the digital experience for the RMC and supplier network, providing greater service delivery to the relocation client and their employee.
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Throughout the years of my employment…, I have seldom come across a company that provides so much service with so little cost.

– JB, Relocation Manager, Fortune 500 Company

…and thanks for making this part of my job painless.

– GF, Relocation Counselor, Relocation Company

Parsifal… consistently had the highest overall customer satisfaction rating of any company.

– RB, Contracting Officer, FSMP Project