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Potential Alternative US Infrastructure Deal


US Senator Mitt Romney explained today that a group of senators have begun discussions for a less costly infrastructure proposal as a counter to the president’s $2.25 trillion spending plan. It was suggested that the new potential proposal could be about one third the cost in the range of $600 to $800 billion, focusing more specifically on roads, bridges, airports and broadband, while depending on an increased gas tax and other user type fees to pay for the national project. (See Transport Topics)


Suddath Acquires Daryl Flood, Inc.


Suddath®, a leading global transportation, relocation and logistics company, announced (last week) that it has acquired Daryl Flood, Inc. (DFI). The sale, which was effective March 31, 2021, includes all of DFI’s operating companies, including Daryl Flood Relocation Inc., Daryl Flood International Inc., Dependable Relocation Services Inc., Daryl Flood Workplace Services Inc., Daryl Flood Logistics Inc. and VERSA Relocation Inc.

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©Igor Groshev/ (Ship convoy through Suez Canal)

Extensive Schedule Disruptions from Blocked Suez Canal


After the Ever Given container ship was freed up on Monday from its lodged position across the canal, many maritime experts are describing major global shipping disruptions for weeks ahead. The American Shipper reported ACP data showing that nearly one third of ocean cargo sailing from Asia to the U.S. east coast transits through the Suez Canal. As transit through the canal returns to normal and the backup of ships is reduced, there is an expectation of “vessel bunching” as disrupted schedules cause ships to arrive at European and U.S. ports in a cluster of anchorages.

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Photo: Corona Borealis Studio/ (Ever Given vessel)

20,000 TEU Container Ship Blocks Suez Canal


According to multiple news sources, including the Associated Press, a Golden-class container ship known as the Ever Given (Evergreen Marine Corp.) has blocked the entire Suez Canal of all traffic as it is turned in a sideways position. The 20,124 TEU mega-ship (399.94 meters in length) was destined for Rotterdam when the event occurred on Wednesday with its bow in contact with the eastern wall of the canal. The Suez Canal Authority has indicated that they are making every effort to resolve the problem and restore navigation in the canal as soon as possible.

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Photo: Parsifal Corporation HQ, Fairfield, ME

Parsifal Corporation Celebrates 40th Anniversary in 2021


Fairfield, ME, (March 23, 2021)– Parsifal Corporation is proud to announce a major milestone in reaching 40 years of service as the world’s leading relocation auditing, consulting and procurement technology firm. Parsifal’s outstanding management team has over 300 years of experience as HHG Relocation Subject Matter Experts (SME). Parsifal SMEs focus on creating world class service along with state of the art technology solutions. (See Full Press Release at Read More)

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Is a Vehicle-Miles-Traveled Fee System (VMT) in the Future?


Most experts agree that a VMT system is very likely to be some part of a future revenue source to support the revitalization of the ailing US national road infrastructure. Additional funding is definitely needed within the next 10 years in addition to the existing fuel tax which has remained the same since 1993 (24.4₵/gal of diesel, 18.4₵/gal of gasoline). But a shift to a VMT fee program would raise cost to the US federal program from a current $70 million per year to more than $13 billion. Combination trucks drove only 5.4% of the total 3.26 trillion miles traveled by all US vehicles.

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New Potential US Trucking Regulations in 2021


The Biden administration along with the Democrat-dominated congress will likely heavily impact trucking regulations in 2021 and the years to follow. Momentum is also building in congress to support a comprehensive infrastructure bill this year that will include many of the democrat focused regulatory items. Fleet Owner reported last week on regulations that are probable for upcoming changes such as - an increase in minimum insurance liability, a requirement for large truck speed limiters, and sleep apnea screening.

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ReloPricing™ & PRISMgmt™ Technologies

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ReloPricing and PRISMgmt, whether combined or on their own, provide feature-rich solutions to long-standing friction points in the HHG industry. This technology improves the digital experience for the RMC and supplier network, providing greater service delivery to the relocation client and their employee.



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