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A Unique Video Survey System with AI at it’s core

Perform an ‘intelligent’ Video Survey in just a few minutes anytime at your convenience without scheduling. The simple and user-friendly process provides a remote automated and visual household itemized list that allows a rapid move estimate and/or quote.

This is not a typical remote virtual survey. The unique SurvAi ™ integrates an unmatched artificial intelligence (AI) core technology together with expert relocation video support, review and consult services to provide visual based, HHG optimal weight accuracy.

The SurvAi system can be combined with other Parsifal relocation technology to further enhance the move estimate, quote and booking process.

Benefits for Relocation Management Companies, Corporations and their transferees, Government Agencies and Movers:

  • Creates simple, personal and encrypted AI video by the transferee in 15 to 20 minutes at any time with no need for scheduling or app download
  • Scans video and immediately determines shipment weight using AI technology building an automated visual list of items in real-time
  • Provides peace of mind by identifying exactly which items are moving and included in the estimate
  • Eliminates customer service headaches as customers fully understand the move plan
  • Enhances team communications by providing pre-move survey photos and inventory to seamlessly sync with the moving crew on the day of the actual move

Benefits for Service Providers

  • Generate 2D barcoded quick stickers, with full item history / audit tracking
  • Reduce weight inquires by allowing real-time auditing
  • Provide efficiency and builds customer confidence
  • Arrive on move day prepared for the job with a visual to-do list
  • Perform review of each video or retain Parsifal for review support
  • Record the full story by adding relevant photos of item condition, including pre-existing damages
  • Integrate with ReloPricing™ or other tools to provide an estimate of cost within minutes after the survey
  • On-site estimators can also use SurvAi to increase focus on the customer vs. counting items
Deep Learning
Deep Learning
The AI core uses advanced deep learning technology and understands videos similar to how humans do it - recognizing rooms, furniture/appliances as well as their cubic volume and weights. It further analyzes closets and cabinets for potential box counts.
Robotic Algorithm
Robotics Algorithms
AI Core patented technology uses cutting-edge robotics algorithms, similar to what NASA uses in its Curiosity Rover. This enables the core technology to accurately define and count objects.
Scalable Architecture
Scalable Architecture
The AI core technology is designed so anyone with a mobile web browser can use the platform. The system is architected for global scale - it can process any number of simultaneous videos.