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HHG Technology Solutions

Our pricing software solutions are backed up by an ironclad audit process ensuring that the prices billed are fair and in accordance with policy, contract and bid process.

Parsifal provides exceptional assistance for common “pain points”.

relocation technologies

ReloPricing™ & PRISMgmt

ReloPricing ™ - A Pricing/Distribution/Booking Management System for International and Domestic HHG shipments.

ReloPricing streamlines, standardizes and automates much of the HHG booking transaction, via an efficient web-based design, and API integration points for both the Move Manager and their supply chain.  Move requests are matched to the best qualified suppliers and data flows through the system with real-time interaction between the move manager and supply chain.

PRISMgmt ™ -  A Global Mobile Technology for Move Management, Audit and Billing to accelerate data efficiency and accuracy.

At the center of PRISMgmt is the financials management features, where automated workflows are established from survey-to-estimate-to-actuals, from exceptions to approvals, all managed real-time throughout the move. This means that many shipments (especially international) will be ready for billing and payment processing on the day of delivery.


Parsifal’s BackStage™ Services provides a means for the Relocation Management Company (“RMC”) to streamline the distribution, booking and/or move management process for both domestic and international household goods shipments.

Parsifal’s BackStage Booking Services provide clients with an outsourced booking process that seamlessly operates with client’s carriers to ensure moves are booked independently and with optimal savings and efficiency. Parsifal provides a booking plan that typically considers a combination of factors such as price, service quality, regional preference and transit time.

While the booking and move management services can be utilized independently, the synergy of both combined provides a powerful tool for the RMC to gain household-goods-specific expertise throughout the process on a transactional basis.  Furthermore, it allows later migration with Parsifal’s newest software combination ReloPricing™/PRISMgmt™ which can streamline the process better,faster and smootherfor your clientsand suppliers.

PAS Technology
PAS™ - Parsifal Audit System

The PAS™ - Parsifal Audit System is highly intelligent software resulting from nearly forty years of relocation auditing experience, offering Multi-level Transparency for client and mover, including Line Item Auditing, Comprehensive Reporting, Policy Exception and Performance Survey Modules, with real-time web access.

Included in our PAS technology, our AccuScan™ system allows us to review each invoice more intelligently by pulling contract, policy and industry data into our system and flagging the auditor to apparent unusual charges. The process continues through our VeriWeight™ analysis to audit the weight of each shipment, ensuring that the billed weight is supported by the inventory, corresponding weight tickets and other information.

Relo Tech

Our ReloSnap™ software provides Real-time Weight and Volume Approvals,moving the audit upstream so that every shipment can be verified for weight or volume within a few hours after the shipment has loaded.

ReloSnap™ is a mobile, multi-platform application created with decades of auditing experience to solve industry issues. Utilizing geotagging and date/time stamps, ReloSnap provides vital shipment information such as shipment contents, weights, volumes, and more to resolve audit issues prior to shipment delivery.

Throughout the years of my employment…, I have seldom come across a company that provides so much service with so little cost.

– JB, Relocation Manager, Fortune 500 Company

…and thanks for making this part of my job painless.

– GF, Relocation Counselor, Relocation Company

Parsifal… consistently had the highest overall customer satisfaction rating of any company.

– RB, Contracting Officer, FSMP Project