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Advanced relocation procurement technology powered by informed decision-making is now available online with MoveMetric® Domestic MMD™, and MoveMetric® International MMI™.

The future of relocation procurement technology

Superior Domestic and International Relocation Support

Revolutionary MoveMetric® technology collects, stores, and analyzes mover’s pricing information and bids, transit times and service quality through an easy to use, interactive and 24/7 web-based system.

Are you always certain about the quality and service standards of your carriers?
MoveMetric® offers a customized network of service providers with objective, real-time service ratings.
Do you have the confidence of fair and competitive pricing?
Display your movers’ bids side-by-side, comparing price and performance.
Are you concerned about the accuracy of the billing process?
Feel assured with iron-clad confidence and protection with professional PAS™ Technology auditing.

system features:

  • InstaQuote™ - Quick & Real-Time Pricing
  • ReloBID™ (Automated Bidding)
  • Full 24/7 System Access
  • Service Provider Network Management
  • ProScore™ Automated Service Evaluation
  • ReloBOOK™ (Automated Booking)*
  • ReloBILL™ (Automated Billing)*
  • EasyRate™ - Tool for Rate Management
  • Single Factor Rate System
  • PAS™ Auditing Protection and Accuracy
*MoveMetric® MMD™ only
Corporate Relocation

For corporations and relocation management companies

Global Network of Service Providers

Service Provider Management tools for customized services, coverage and pricing

Competitive Pricing & Transit Times

Domestic & International transportation, storage and third party service rates and rules

InstaQuote™ for Quick & Real-time Pricing

ReloBID™ - Automated bidding process with access to instant quote system and easy rate solicitation process

ReloBOOK™ & ReloBILL™

For easy and automated booking and billing process of carrier services (MMD only)

Single Factor Rates & Global Database

Pricing and SFR based quotes for easy billing, simplified audit, and accurate cost estimates

ProScore™ Automated Performance Evaluation

Offering real-time provider quality ratings

Full Service Audit via PAS™ Technology

Ensure accuracy, fairness and billing integrity


Summaries and analysis for rates, services, channel coverage, quotes and bids


For your transferees

Network of Service Providers

Movers must meet minimum corporate service level standards and are fully informed on company policy requirements

Competitive Pricing & Transit Times

More budget dollars for other services in your relocation benefits package

InstaQuote™ for Quick & Real-Time Pricing/Data

Quick turn-time for short notice moves

ProScore™ Quality and Service Standards

Service quality ratings with composite of industry standards of service and performance

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